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Your Premier Resource for High-Quality Sheds

When you need a shed for extra storage space on your property or as a workshop for your woodworking hobby, consider shopping with By The Brook Furniture and Sheds in Brooklyn, CT. We sell the area’s best sheds, playhouses, garages, and more. All Amish-built with the highest level of craftsmanship and quality, these build-outs will stand up to any weather pattern and normal wear and tear. We can also paint them to match your current décor or help you re-imagine your outdoor space. Give us a call, and we will help you find the perfect option to meet your needs, wants, and budget. Our staff has helped homeowners in the Brooklyn, CT area for over 20 years. Count on our knowledge of these new facilities. Need financing? we can help! Find if you qualify here.

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Beautiful blue shed in the backyard

Sheds and More Available From By The Brook

Our small facilities use only the best materials available paired with Amish-style craftsmanship. And if you are looking to add more storage space to your home, they are the perfect option. Mobile and sturdy, you can place them anywhere you need for easy access. If you wish to move them to a better location, we can help you complete that project. We can also bring your backyard to life with other options, such as playhouses. Below are all of the different styles we can provide your home:

  • A-Frame
  • Quaker
  • Garage Series
  • Dutch
  • A-Frame Playhouse
  • Mini Barn
  • High Barns
  • Vinyl Elite
  • Pool House Series
  • A-Frame Classic
  • Red Dutch Playhouse
  • Vinyl A-Frame Playhouse
  • Classic Shed
  • Garden Classic A-Frame

Free Layaway and Shed Transportation in Brooklyn, CT

Another reason to shop with By The Brook Furniture and Sheds is because we provide our customers with payment options such as free layaway. Offering this form payment plan ensures you get want to you want without or hidden fees attached. Our team can also help you transport once fully paid off and ready for installation. Our team has all the necessary equipment to quickly and safely move your new shed, garage, playhouse, or barn. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to the team for all the answers you need before purchasing with By The Brook.

Call Us for That Perfect Piece to Accent Your Home Décor or Enhance Your Garden